6 fashion labels to follow in 2023

  • death by doll

    Founded by Saudi Arabian Sara Al-Saud and her sister, this avant-garde fashion brand based in the US has quickly become a favorite among A-list celebrities.

  • Loni Helow

    Where the old becomes the new. This Lebanese brand believes in upcycling, using materials from old factories and shops around Lebanon to create chic pieces that tell stories.

  • Noor Aldari

    Comfortable, fashionable and daring, the Nour Aldhali fashion brand — known for its unique abayas and hailing from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — is all about the modern woman.

  • microphone

    Rocker chic meets utilitarian style in this luxury collection from Egyptian designer May Orfy’s Dubai-based brand. Think winter on your nails.

  • Durza Studio

    Founded by sisters Waad and Ahd Hammad, this Palestinian brand is an ode to tradition and age-old art. Secure your bragging rights by picking up one of his handcrafted Tatreez products.

  • autonomy

    Based in the United Arab Emirates, the brand celebrates storytelling and personal idiosyncrasy with its bold aesthetics and vibrant prints. Founded by Maha Ahmed, the label will launch its first collection in 2021.

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