7 clever clothing hacks to help you keep warm in the cold

Katie Wright, Fashion and Beauty Editor, Pennsylvania

January 23, 2023 14:26

Cold snaps have returned and temperatures have hit freezing points, making it difficult to stay warm without leaving the house.

During times like these, as we battle the elements and try to keep our utility bills from skyrocketing, getting dressed is more a matter of function than fashion.

Instead of cranking up the thermostat, here are some clothing hacks that will keep you comfortable from head to toe…

1. Add a thermal layer

Layering is important when you want to prevent body heat from escaping. As a basic winter outfit, start with thermal fabrics designed for maximum warmth without the bulk.Think leggings or long-sleeved tops.

2. Choose Fluffy Fabrics

The warmest fabrics work by creating tiny air pockets that provide additional insulation. That’s why when the mercury plummets, fleece, sheepskin, shearling, and faux fur are your friends. Please escape to

Regatta Volterra Waterproof Heated Jacket Slate Blue, £154, £220 (Regatta.com).

3. Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves are great if your hands are always cold and you need to free up your fingers for typing or other activities. A sporty sweatshirt with extra long sleeves or thumb loops can also help.

Accessorize Stripe Fingerless Gloves Set of Two, £12 (Accessorize.com).

4. Layer your socks

Our extremities suffer the most when their body temperature drops. This is because the body prioritizes keeping the core and vital organs warm.To prevent this effect, wear two pairs of socks on her and make sure there are no gaps around the ankles to keep cold air out. increase.

5. Go on a diet

Slankets, aka blankets with sleeves (and hoods) take loungewear to the next level. Perfect for cuddling up on the couch in the evening or wearing while working from home (maybe better off for a Zoom meeting).

6. Put on a gilet

Wear a lightweight gilet underneath to make your wool coat much warmer. Filled with real or synthetic down, these deceptively thin body warmers make a big difference. Uniqlo (uniqlo.com) has a large selection for both men and women.

You can also get heated gilets with rechargeable warming pads from brands like Regatta (regatta.com).

FatFace Hascombe Quilted Gilet, £65 (fatface.com).

7. Cairo

Keeping your hands firmly in your pockets may not be enough to keep your fingertips from freezing, especially when you’re outside.

Keep some hand warmers in your pocket to increase the heat. Reusable gel packs or rechargeable electric warmers are the greenest. Choose from a wide selection of sites such as Amazon and eBay.

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