ASOS partners with Fashion Minority Report

Asos has announced a partnership with Fashion Minority Report (FMR), a business aimed at helping fashion brands create inclusive workplaces and promote diversity across the industry.

Through this partnership, Asos supports several of FMR’s projects aimed at “unleashing career potential for emerging talents from diverse backgrounds”.

This includes FMR’s Mentorship Program, where Asos staff volunteers as mentors, providing insight and advice to support student career growth. Asos also recruited her three paid placement students to the commercial team.

Daniel Peters, founder of Fashion Minority Report, said: We must move beyond the conversation and commit to implementing measurable changes that reduce the lack of diversity, equity and inclusion globally.

“Working with the Asos team has been an already incredibly rewarding experience, collectively bringing greater representation, diversity and inclusion for new talent from an underrepresented community. I look forward to seeing our partnership grow in the new year.”

Asos Corporate Responsibility Manager Seani Armitage added:

“As we work to diversify the fashion sector workforce, we are delighted to be working with FMR as part of our goal to help bridge the gap between the industry and marginalized and underrepresented communities. ”

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