Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: FKA Twigs, Haim, Lizzo, and More

It may be a winter tradition, but this week’s celebrity style was hot, hot, hot!

This may be due to the menswear shows currently taking place in Europe, which have created many photogenic moments.Louis Vuitton menswear designer Laura Abecassis Sartore A glimpse into the fitting of the collection by guest designer Kidsuper. Meanwhile, sister band Haim has doubled down on its commitment to wearing professionally coordinated outfits, mostly those designed by Louis Vuitton.

On the other side of the pond, stars like Ariana Grande and Lizzo have opted for a naturalistic approach with front-facing cameras. Grande took the form of an emotional rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which she sang while wrapped in a giant baby pink knit.Lizzo shared a series of photos with a self-aware caption. .

At the more glamorous front, singer FKA Twigs unveiled the Jean Paul Gaultier archives obtained from the trending online archive shop CopMeIfYouCan.

May these snaps pull you out of the winter blues and remind you that serving is seasonless.

FKA Twigs

twins at war

Ariana Grande

Emily Ratajkowski

Tina Leon

Callum Marin


Laura Abecassis Sartore


Ella Emhoff

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