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Bluebella has a new muse. It’s self-esteem.

Nothing like inner self-esteem and confidence is an English singer, songwriter and actress whose real name is Rebecca Lucy Taylor. London-based lingerie her brand partnered with the artist for her Valentine’s Day campaign, titled “Prioritise Pleasure,” which is also the name of her self-esteem song.

Pride pose in Bluebella lingerie.

Emily Bendel, founder and CEO of Bluebella, said the partnership between the brand and Self-Esteem is a perfect match.

“We are big fans of her here at Bluebella and thought she would be a great partner to celebrate impeccable femininity, body positivity and joy,” Bendel told WWD. loves the bold feminism of self-esteem, her talent as a musician, and her authentic journey into self-love and acceptance.

“And Bluebella and self-esteem share many of the same feminist values,” continued the founder. “One of Bluebella’s missions is to redefine the traditional meaning behind Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is traditionally a very heteronormative festival that can feel negative and exclusive to so many people. What it is: We celebrate sensuality as an unshared possession and love in all its amazingly diverse forms. I am trying to build.”

Boost your self-esteem with Bluebella bras and underwear.

A selfie poses for the campaign in a fiery red lace bra and strappy black underwear from the brand’s Spring 2023 lingerie collection.

“It just seems silly to me that there’s something about it that makes people feel lonely or different from everyone else,” the musician said.

“I always say in my heart that this year is Valentine’s Day,” continued the pride.

The pride of luxury lingerie brand Bluebella.

In a recent Instagram Live interview with Bendel, the singer-songwriter added that she agreed to do a lingerie campaign because she’s been embarrassed by her body in the past.

“I got boobs early, but generally [using] “Immediately minimizer bras,” she explained.

Bluebella self-esteem pose.

“Fashion allows us to enjoy things that we used to be ashamed of or thought weren’t right,” continues Self Esteem. “Lingerie used to represent danger in the way I was raised. I had a strange relationship with lingerie. Now it’s quite the opposite and I’m having more fun now. So all of this is bigger than just me doing modeling work. enjoys it and is proud of it.

The lingerie brand’s Valentine’s Day campaign launches on Monday.

Bluebella was founded in 2005 from fashion entrepreneur Bendell’s bedroom after she couldn’t find lingerie that matched her tastes.

“I wanted to create a brand and products that were empowered, confident, sassy, ​​contemporary, and fashion-focused. “To me, lingerie is a self-expression of individual style and spirit.”

Self-esteem poses in Bluebella with the UK-based brand’s founder and CEO, Emily Bendel.

The business has since grown to include other categories such as socks, sleepwear and innerwear as outerwear.

“If you’re too beautiful to hide, why hide?” Bendel said last year.

Self-esteem wears bluebella.

Most recently, Bluebella partnered with London-based Indian designer Ashish for a limited-edition collaboration. In addition to its e-commerce shop, the company also has wholesale partnerships with Victoria’s Secret, Revolve, Nordstrom, Selfridges and others. Last fall, Bluebella featured Ewan McGregor’s daughter, Clara McGregor, for its holiday collection and campaign.

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