Britney Spears Does Shakira Dance Barefoot In Y2K-Approved Shorts – Footwear News

Britney Spears took the storm by storm with a video posted on her Instagram yesterday. I twirled and spun.

Spears wore athletic wear and sweated like a storm in a black crop top with red lettering on the front. The lines are rolled down to create a nostalgic silhouette.The low waist evokes the classic 2000s styles Spears wore in his prime. The style is subversive and provocative, and dancers frequently wear it in many productions today. With red fingerless gloves and several bracelets layered on their wrists, the pop sensation capped off the look. Spears’ hair is styled as usual, leaving loose, beachy waves.

While she wasn’t wearing shoes this time, Spears’ usual shoe choices range from sophisticated to bohemian. She often wears a variety of silhouettes, including pointed-toe pumps and platform sandals from affordable brands such as Madden. Her off-duty wardrobe also includes Amaranti wedges, Ug and Impo boots, and Manolo her Blahnik pumps. Red When previously appearing on her carpet, Spears’ sophisticated style included Louboutins, Stuart her Weitzman, Jimmy Choo, and Schutz’s pointed toe, platform, and thigh-high her sandals.

In a similar fashion, Spears posted a short throwback video of her wedding to her husband, Sam Asghari, looking chic in a black Versace blazer dress. The award-winning star’s look was layered over shimmering thongs, gaining an extravagant flair from the brand’s gold Medusa buttons and glittering Greca trim. and danced to Prince’s 1986 song “Kiss” with Asghari.

Photo: See the best moments of 90’s and 2000’s street style with Britney Spears.

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