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As if the fashion world needed to rekindle the power of K-pop this week, hordes of fans lined Paris’ Alexandre III bridge for a glimpse of Min Yoon-gi, better known as BTS’ Suga, for one final look. It served as a showcase.

His first appearance as Valentino’s official brand ambassador follows Louis Vuitton’s J-Hope and Dior’s Jimin, completing the BTS member’s trilogy, at least for this fashion week.

Suga kept a quiet profile and walked the black carpet before taking the front row flanked by Sam Smith and Doja Cat. We brought the stars to the front row.

Pop queen Kylie Minogue also took the front row in a very golden sequined suit that matched the “disco” theme of her latest album.

“It’s always been a dream to come to Valentino’s show,” the singer said. She recently returned to her native Australia, but she wasn’t on the other side of the world before Wednesday night’s show.

She took a sneak peek before the show by visiting her atelier and getting dressed. As a performer, Minogue said, Piccioli insisted on her coolness. “I asked, ‘What is your stress level?’ Pierpaolo said, ‘Stress? No stress.’ .”

Although she said she’s been shopping for an upcoming event, the singer didn’t reveal any details about her rumored Las Vegas residency.

Anne Hathaway entered and sat in the archway and jet-black alcove of the secret club. After chatting with Charlie XCX, I switched seats with some of the Piccioli family so we could sit next to each other. “The Devil Wears Prada” fashion turned into perfect couture for his circus when he put in a dog named Miranda after his editor, Miranda Priestley.

“It’s a spectacle, and I love drama, so I want extra drama. Ten times more.”

“I wear this cloak. I love Snape and I’m also Alan Rickman’s fashion king,” she joked of the late Harry Potter star. “I wore something like this.” There are so many extremes and dramas in fashion.”

XCX has a tour planned for later this year and has admitted that her preparations have changed a bit. “I party a lot actually. I guess I have no choice but to keep going. That’s my motto. But it’s not the healthiest,” she joked.

“Emily in Paris” star Ashley Park was on crutches after her “Beyoncé injury” got a little too emotional at the singer’s Dubai concert last weekend. She was accessorized with ankle braces, but still wore high heels.

The K-pop fan was thrilled to be a few seats behind Suga and said he met Blackpink’s Lisa at a charity concert the night before. “She’s so sweet and we’re fans of each other, so that was great.” To her chagrin, her crutches in her tight space kept her in her seat. “I don’t think I can say [hi] to anyone tonight. ”

However, she later caught up with Anne Hathaway and the two took a selfie.

‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 star Beatrice Grannò was brimming with excitement for her first fashion show in head-to-toe Valentino print tights and an unusual twist with an oversized shirt. .

“I love this outfit because it’s so powerful and so bold,” she said, twirling for the camera.

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