Business News | Greylongg Apparels Launches Its French Fashion-inspired Clothing Lines

New Delhi [India], Jan. 27 (ANI/SRV): Greylongg, an apparel company focused on clothing inspired by French fashion, recently launched operations in India. and Vasudha, a joint initiative after scouring India for the finest fabrics. In particular, they were moved by the plight of local artisans and fabric makers.

The founding duo also absorbed different local cultures and traditions before solidifying their vision for Graylong. The brand takes its French clothing heritage and translates it for the Indian market, with a strong focus on eco-friendly materials, ethical fashion and the preservation of local art and culture.

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Graylong’s greatest inspiration in French fashion history is Richard Padler. A men’s polo shirt specialty brand founded in 1872. In addition, it was used habitually by the French royal family at the time.

“We pride ourselves on products that truly blend sustainability and timeless design.” Wearing our eco-friendly and skin-friendly t-shirts completes a story that began in Tirupur and Ludhiana. Designed by visionary artists from Vietnam and Bangladesh. Inspired by Italy. Greylong’s dedicated team will bring it to you. So take this journey that has inspired many souls, including us. “We will move forward using the powerful lessons learned from observing local artisans. We hope our work will support their efforts and be able to preserve local traditions. I hope so,” says Nitika.

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She added, “The term ‘greylong’ is a portmanteau made by combining ‘grey’ and ‘long’. Moreover, gray as a color is a classic with a distinct and understated majesty. Also, the word “Long” symbolizes our commitment. Towards creating sustainable business practices and long-term growth.

The brand has a strong focus on ethical practices and environmental sustainability. This applies not just to the fabrics they use, but to every part of their manufacturing and retail process.The founders say they plan to bring new business opportunities to local markets and artisans They hope this will boost the local economy in the long term and help them expand into global markets backed by reputable brands.

This is not the end of Greylongg’s CSR activities. They partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India and Bangladesh. These organizations focus on providing educational opportunities and employment options to rural residents in poor areas. At the same time, we leverage our brand value to combine local textile traditions with sustainable business practices. This allows local artisans to work with the brand’s national reach and increase economic value.

Initially, the brand only made T-shirts, but now it’s expanding its product catalog even further. We plan to add hoodies, jackets, shirts, pants and other types of apparel. The brand ensures that every unit produced is handcrafted and goes through a series of quality checks before going to retail to ensure the highest quality of its products.

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