Castro Valley clothing optional community isolated by massive landslide

Washed roads isolate nudist camps in Castro Valley

Washed roads isolate nudist camps in Castro Valley


Castro Valley — The havoc caused by 22 days of rain continued to cause headaches for residents across the Bay Area, including a clothing option community near Castro Valley.

According to local resident Robbie Phillips, the access problems started around New Year’s Eve when erosion began to slowly erode the only road to the Sequoian’s Close Free Property.

“It will start on New Year’s Eve and then fade away bit by bit. You’ll be fine,” Phillips, who has lived at the property for 26 years, told KPIX.

But this week, the entire driveway leading to Sequoians Clothing Free Property collapsed.

When asked how many people were on the other side waiting to return to Castro Valley and East Bay Phillips, 11 residents said they could only be reached on foot.

“There are 11 people from seven families living on the premises, and they are all in good health and coming and going,” he said.

The driveway is swept away, so residents are building a sidewalk just to cross it. Auxiliary roads are also maintained so you are not confined to rural areas.

Residents say the bypass is dangerous but not an emergency.

Phillips says there are plans to repair the road and that everyone living on the other side of the road will have propane, food, water and power.

The 8-acre grounds began as a nudist club in 1947. From April he is open to the public until October.

“It’s for people who enjoy swimming and hiking without a bathing suit,” Phillips says. “It’s the same as anywhere else… except for clothes. It has a large area with parking lots, offices, recreation halls, and seven houses. They can’t go out by car.”

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