Charles Jeffrey And Francesco Risso On Friendship, Fashion, And Debuting In Milan

Francesco, of course we know you’ll be at the show too, but what are you most looking forward to about Charles’ Milanese debut?

France: I want to be hit! But Charles does it all the time on his show.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from each other so far?

France: Charles’ courage has always fascinated me. He seems to have multiple personality disorder and I might as well.

CJ: For more fun! And to be completely lost in your own world. Francesco is a poet and a consummate dreamer. He is someone who aspires to be like him. that freedom.

Charles, why did you choose to show in Milan this season?

CJ: I felt like there was a hole in the space in Milan where I could really fit in. Being Scottish, having a background and experience in this industrial, working-class city, there is something about me. Plus, it has obvious roots in classism and tailoring that resonate deeply with me. look at this space.

Behind the scenes at the shoot of Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

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