Clothing swap promotes body positivity for plus sizes

ROCHESTER, NY — Because so many of us are determined to lose weight, the organization ROC created Our Bodies ROC, an exclusive event to celebrate being comfortable in your skin.

“I preach this to all my clients,” fashion consultant Rubi Rodriguez said. “So I really believe in applauding all your curves and the way you work today in your current state.”

The organization is creating a clothing exchange tailored to plus sizes.

“We’re looking forward to being able to give people the opportunity to feel like themselves and feel great at any size. That’s what we want to do.” “The magazine, along with other great people, puts on this event to spread positivity and create a space where people can feel comfortable, refresh their wardrobes and be themselves.”

A variety of aggressive and plus-size vendors were incorporated throughout the event.

Kellin Larrabee, Venue Manager at 962 East Avenue, said: “But I’m part of our community and I love giving people the things they can do, the things they do, the things they care about that make them feel good about themselves. I love it, That’s really our mission.”

Guests even have the opportunity to gain confidence by donating or receiving clothes through Swap.

Photographer Sarah Fredenberg said, “I wanted to set up a slightly elevated photo booth for people to come in and show off their outfits, boost their confidence, and spread body positivity when they find a great outfit.” said..

Some people get advice from fashion consultants at the venue.

“We want to hide our belly, and as women, we carry a lot of our weight there,” Rodriguez said. It turns out that it does, and really doesn’t draw attention to the abdomen.

The organizers hope that clothes aren’t the only thing guests bring home.

“When you look confident, you start feeling that way,” Rodriguez said. “So I really think that’s the premise today: we should celebrate at every stage of our lives, and not wait until we reach a certain point and then start celebrating ourselves, but make sure I want to.”

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