Duo Studio Designs sells custom made spirit wear and clothing in Downtown Midland

The Midland-based embroidery business has a downtown presence after seven years of operation.

The retailer Duo Studio Design opened in early December at 140 Ashman Street, the original location of Popules Coffee. Owned by embroidery business Duo Threads and formerly located in Mount His Pleasant, the store sells custom holiday and high school wear, as well as other apparel and gifts from suppliers nationwide.

Co-owner Megan Dambro said she and her family have been running Duo Threads since 2015 from a wholesale warehouse on Poseyville Road. The company also offers personalized items, such as embroidering his name on backpacks and duffle his bags.

Duo Threads products can be found in boutiques and gift shops nationwide, including Atlanta and Dallas, Dumbro said. Duo Threads also takes bulk orders of spirit wear for specific regions.

They used to have a small space in Mount Pleasant that sold only sorority and Central Michigan University wear, but closed about a month ago to move to Midland.

“We live here in Midland and have always said, ‘When we have the right place at the right time, we’ll do it,'” D’Ambro said. “When we saw this place pop up, it was the right size and everything for us.”

In early December, a shop with Christmas apparel and other items opened in Midland. It also sells apparel associated with Dow High School, Midland High School, Brock Creek High School, and will also sell Meridian High School and Freeland High School apparel.

There is also a sorority section associated with Northwood University. The rest of the products are from other wholesalers, such as denim and bath products.

Dumbro said he’s excited about the increased traffic in Downtown Midland compared to its previous location in Mount Pleasant.

Duo Threads products can be found at https://www.duothreads.com/.

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