Entertainment News Roundup: Vivienne Westwood, Britain’s provocative dame of fashion, dead at 81; In ‘Wildcat’, Amazon fauna helps heal emotional wounds of war

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Provocative British fashion lady Vivienne Westwood dies at 81

Vivienne Westwood, who died Thursday at the age of 81 as a figure in a Sex Pistols costume, was synonymous with 1970s punk rock and the uncouth fashion that made her one of the big names in British fashion. “Vivienne Westwood passed away peacefully today in Clapham, South London, surrounded by her family. The world knows that people like Vivienne will change for the better.” I need to wake up,” her fashion house said on Twitter.

In ‘Wildcat’, Amazonian animals help heal the wounds of war

Harry Turner, a former British soldier deployed to Afghanistan at the age of 18, was struggling with PTSD and depression when he decided to try something completely new in the Peruvian Amazon. Far from his home and civilization, Turner found joy in caring for Ocelot kittens. The kitten was released back into the wild through a conservation group, Hoja Nueva, started by his girlfriend Samantha Zwicker.

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