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Yakima, I – East Valley High School will open its doors Friday to Devil’s Den, a free grocery and clothing pantry for students. Pantries are open to all students as needed.

Student Learning Improvement Coordinator coach Ashley Griffiths says the school wants pantries to focus on learning rather than their needs.

“I don’t want kids to be self-conscious or worry about what they’re wearing to class,” Griffiths said. “If they can come here and get new jeans that make them feel good, they can focus on learning because they aren’t worried about how they look or what they’re wearing.”

EVHS recently surveyed students whether they would benefit from access to a grocery and clothing pantry. Of the 530 students, 200 said yes and 190 said they might.

The survey figures are consistent with the low-income segment as determined by OSPI.

Schools accommodate students who need access to Devil’s Den, Griffiths said, and may schedule times for students to browse the pantry if they are mindful of other students using the resource. can.

The Pantry has a no questions asked policy and opportunities are open to all students whether they occur recurringly or one-time.

“We’re not asking why you think it’s necessary,” Griffiths said. “We’re not asking you a personal question, it’s just open and free… so if anyone is using it for some level of need, hopefully Children will get used to it.”

The school has funded the pantry to this point with donations from organizations such as Fred Meyer, Walmart and Washington Fruit. School organizations support this cause, and the National Honor Society and Devil Prevention club are asking the community for donations.

Devil’s Den aims to provide students with the resources they need to succeed and to prevent the growing number of homeless youth in the Yakima Valley.

Brian Ahern, Acting Executive Director of Rod’s House, applauds the work EVHS is doing for students.

“Basic food, hygiene and clothing are things that everyone needs. Going to school does not necessarily mean that you have safe and secure housing and you need additional support. I know there are cases,” Ahern said.

The school continues to accept donations and volunteers from the community to keep the pantry stocked and organized. Forms for signing up to donate or volunteer can be found on the school website.

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