FanTime Congratulates Mandy Rose On Earning $1 Million In Rapid Fashion

WWE is a dream destination for many professional wrestlers. This makes it very difficult for the company to release superstars.

Mandy Rose was the reigning NXT Women’s Champion until she shockingly dropped the title to Roxanne Perez last month. Yet another shock came as Rose was quickly released from WWE for violating the company’s code of conduct.

But Mandy Rose’s release did wonders for her instead, reportedly shocking everyone by making $500,000 in less than a week and hoarding $1 million in a month.FanTime itself took to Instagram to congratulate Rose on becoming a millionaire in one month at the end of 2022.

“Congratulations @mandysacs for earning $$$ $1M in a month! Ending 2022 like a champ 🔥 💪.”

Mandy Rose is still under a 90-day non-compete clause with WWE and cannot compete with any other wrestling company until March 2023. As long as the money keeps flowing rapidly like this.

Do you think Mandy Rose should quit wrestling forever and focus on other adventures? Sound off in the comments!

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