Fashion designer Daniel Lightfoot farewelled in Brisbane funeral

Friends and family wore their brightest colors as they gathered to say a final goodbye to iconic Queensland fashion designer Daniel Lightfoot, who passed away unexpectedly on Christmas Day.

More than 200 mourners attended the funeral of the 58-year-old man at Victory Church in Brisbane on Thursday.

The mourner, remembered as a man who “always wanted to enter,” was led to prayer by the Reverend Ewan Miller, who described Mr. Lightfoot as “incredibly talented, ever extravagant, and with a wicked sense of humor.” They shared that they had

According to Miller, the famous fashion designer was known to “love expensive cars, diamonds and glitter, yellow roses, and of course, fun parties.”

The dress code was “non-black,” and loved ones stepped into the church to watch a slideshow of some of Mr. Lightfoot’s most memorable designs set to tunes from Madonna’s famous song Vogue.

His sudden death rocked the fashion industry, ex-wife Susie Lightfoot and daughter Paris remembered as “fashion angels.”

His daughter Paris remembered her father at Thursday’s funeral and shared how much he shared his passion for life and delicious steaks.

She said Mr. Lightfoot was “the most fun, hilarious” and “groovy” father a girl could ask for.

“My father was a huge fan of mine,” said Paris, wearing Australian designer L’idee.

“He spoiled me. Not many girls can say their dad bought them a pony, but my daughter did it without telling her mom.”

“He must have been the only father to bring a bottle of French champagne to an AFL game.”

Paris said her father “taught her how to be open-minded, outgoing, and make people laugh.”

“He rudely told me to be me,” she said.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get his talent because it was unique.”

“I hope you’re laughing, joking, dancing, eating whatever your heart desires, and dressing up beautiful angels with you.”

A family friend, Cathy Clay, said Mr. Lightfoot’s passion for life was inspiring.

“Daniel loved Princess P to the end.

“Beyond his talent and humor and propensity for adventure and enjoyment for many of you here today, we have lost a dearest brother, a devoted father and a dear friend.

“Daniel was known for his meticulous attention to detail and outstanding customer service.

“He entered with dignity, loved to hold the floor and was never at a loss for words.”

His ex-wife, Susie, also wrote a touching tribute on social media days after his death.

“Daniel has touched the lives of many through his incredible talent, craftsmanship and vision of beauty.

“He transformed simple fabrics into something truly magical, making women in dresses shine like diamonds.

“For his wicked sense of humor and keen wit, his appreciation for French champaign, his diamonds and sparkle, his yellow roses, his love of happy parties, his expensive cars, and his dancing as everyone watched. , he will forever be fondly remembered (because they were!).

“You are now safe and can dress up all these beautiful angels in your creations and be the man you want to be again in heaven.”

Friends and family were asked to wear anything but black to honor Mr. Lightfoot on Thursday.

The fashion designer’s notable clients included Liza Minnelli and former Governor-General Quentin Bryce.

In 1985, Miss World Australia Miss Angelina Nasso wore one of his designs.

Mr. Lightfoot also mentored many aspiring designers at Queensland University of Technology’s Fashion School.

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