Fashion-Enter, Fashion Impact Fund partner on upcycling fashion

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) and Fashion Impact Fund hope their collaborative partnership will enable 15 women to acquire hands-on skills in sewing and upcycling for the fashion and textile sector, free of charge .

Held in London from 13th to 16th February 2023, this four-day course will teach you how to take precise measurements, how to thread industrial sewing machines, how to use different stitches and tensions, and how to turn fabrics from patterns. Teach participants how to understand how to cut.

It also includes how to cut fabrics from patterns, insight into different fabrics and how they differ in handling, how to sew straight lines, around corners, how to sew sleeves, and how to make clothes from patterns.

Both Fashion-Enter Ltd and Fashion Impact Fund are committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and FEL’s courses are practical, focused on upcycling and repairing clothes to make them last longer. The purpose is to teach sewing techniques.

The 4-day course also teaches you how to upcycle existing clothing and adjust existing clothing.

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway explains: This will allow the Level 2 course of Stitching to be taken free of charge and the FEL team will be able to further assist you in interviewing for a job or apprenticeship. “

Kelly Bunnigan, Founder and Executive Director of Fashion Impact Fund, added: We are pleased to provide grants to programs that support Fashion-Enter’s commitment to training, upskilling, and developing women in the fashion industry to create jobs and enable entrepreneurship. Equity for the Future of Fashion I would like to thank Jenny and her team for leading a workforce development course that has played an important role in shaping this transition. “

The course will be held at FC Designer Workspace, 9 Durham Road, London N7 7FB, free locations are still available.

Last March (2022), Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway told Just Style EXCLUSIVELY at the opening of the world’s most sustainable clothing microfactory… We have to embrace it.

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