Fashion-forward entrepreneurs setting the tone for sisterhood, networking in Jacksonville

jacksonville, florida – National Women Supporting Women Day is December 1st, represented on the day by two Jacksonville women Full of this month.

Tia Coleman and Nicole Banks describe their relationship as akin to a niece and aunt-like intimacy. The women met on social media about six years ago, and a budding sisterhood has blossomed ever since.

“I fell in love with her so completely that I could really write a book about how our relationship began,” Banks said.

Both women are business owners and come from different entrepreneurial backgrounds, but have been able to leave significant footprints in the Jacksonville community.

Known as an influential millennial figure in River City, Coleman is the founder of I Am The Prize, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young girls and women develop high self-esteem and necessary leadership qualities. Founder of Inc. to succeed as an entrepreneur. She also had a successful networking and women’s empowerment event called her Manifesting Over Mimosas in December 2019.

Banks, who describes herself as “the richest aunt of the Internet,” is a fashion guru and chief pretty chick of online boutique Shop Pretty Piece.

Nicole Banks, owner of the Shop Pretty Pieces boutique (XDH)

Among the many qualities women share… fashion Where business meets pleasure.

The Shop Pretty Pieces boutique has teamed up with Coleman to launch the “I Am A Prize” collection on Monday, December 19th.

Fashion is a statement both women agree on, and it says a lot about motivation and empowerment.

The three-piece collection is glamor, chic and business all rolled into one. Each piece has its own personality, with the idea of ​​influencing women through fashion.

“There are three great choices, and they all embody. Here I am. I’m walking through this room, and I’m absolutely an award-winning,” Banks said.

When Coleman was working with Banks to curate the collection, she wanted every buyer to feel like the star of the show when she wore her outfit. rice field.

“I like to appear in spaces where I can be 100% who I am, and I want to express that through my clothes. Yes, and we talk about it through fashion and what we decide to wear,” Coleman said.

Despite the 20-year age gap, Banks says he’s learned a lot from Coleman over the years, especially about networking, and continues to be inspired by her tenacity. rice field.

Coleman also expressed his deep gratitude for the knowledge and friendship he gained through his relationship with Banks.

“I feel like I can bridge the gap between ultra-established women and women trying to find their own way,” Coleman said.

Tia Coleman and attendees at the 2021 Manifesting Ove Mimosas networking event (WJXT)

The third annual Manifesting Over Mimosa event begins at 5:00 PM on Sunday, December 18 at the Prime Osborne Center. Coleman said she was quietly battling postpartum depression when she launched her first event in 2019. At that time, she wanted to feel like herself. I knew something needed to be done.

“I knew it was my happy place when it came to doing business and networking. 2019 was a defining moment for me. I wasn’t waiting for anyone’s approval. I said and I [launched] What was supposed to start with 30 people in a small room ended up being 150 people crammed into a room at the back of the building,” says Coleman.

Manifesting Over Mimosa is a celebration of entrepreneurial success. This is an opportunity for women to come together in the name of sisterhood, networking, learning and development, fully equipped for business success.

The event will feature seven speakers, the opportunity to patronize local vendors and, of course, Mimosa It’s on the menu.

“I know there’s a breakthrough that’s tied to someone in that room. I remember when I saw the lineup, there were two speakers I wanted to mentor. It was like meeting a group of beautiful brown girls at Prime Osborne.” I’m looking forward to it,” said Banks.

All events were based on the previous year, according to Coleman, and this year Coleman “deliberately” selected speakers who infused the audience with knowledge. She knew a strong business foundation was established at her first event of 2019. Now is the time for Coleman to dig deeper and get grounded in those businesses, she said.

“I believe access is so important for women of color and women in business, especially first-generation business owners. We have set the tone to do so, but now we have to protect our brand, we have to protect our assets,” Coleman said. “when you do [attendees] Come to the room, I’m going to make them think big. There is no reason to miss this event if you are in business or an aspiring business owner. Because nowhere else can you actually get this information face-to-face. ”

What Coleman is most excited about at this year’s conference is the support from the city of Jacksonville. On December 1, she was honored by Mayor Lenny Curry with a proclamation officially recognizing December 18 as “Mimosa Day” in Jacksonville.

“Overall, people have bought into this vision. I’m at Prime Osborne,” Coleman said.

Coleman admitted that the proclamation was an opportunity she could have pursued sooner, but realized it came at perfect timing, saying, “I am a firm believer in God’s timing.” , said they underestimated the support and tremendous response they could get from sharing the news.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal at first, but when social media blew it up, I thought the phrase was important because I wanted someone to go out and make their day.” “Because we encourage them to spend their time,” says Coleman. He said.

Overall, Coleman is thrilled with her event and her collaboration with Banks. This event drops the day after the Mimosas event.

The collection will be released on December 19th at 10am on or the Shop Pretty Pieces mobile app. You can also visit the website and sign up for early access.

To purchase tickets for “Appear Over Mimosas”, please visit

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