Fashion, Pleasant Weather Add Fervor To Lgbtq’s Pride Walk | Jaipur News

Jaipur: The sound of drums, fancy costumes and pleasant weather made the Queer Gravi Pride a fun and exciting event in the city on Sunday. Members of the LGBTQ community participated. Shahid Memorial Via MI Road to Albert Hall with a message of ‘acceptance and inclusion’ in society.
“I am from Delhi but it is my first time to participate in the pride walk.
It was the fifth time since 2015 that the Pride Walk was held in the city.
“It is an opportunity that has come from different parts of the country, including Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and other states,” said Mehar, who belongs to Delhi but has lived in Jaipur for the past few years.
Late into the night, LGBTQ members danced to the beat of Bollywood songs, and the breeze and drizzle continued.
“We want our Pride Walk to send a message to society that we are part of society and should be accepted without prejudice or prejudice. We want equal rights equal dignity equal acceptance equal honor Not only in India but in other parts of the world we struggle for our identity and acceptance But things are changing in India and people’s mindset is changing towards LGBTQ,” said Founder Nai Bhor Sanstha, a member of the Transgender Welfare Board of Rajasthan and who hosted the event. said Pushpa, who

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