Get Your First Look at Gigi Hadid on Netflix’s Next in Fashion

it’s not surprising Gigi Hadid Stay comfortable on the runway.

Exclusive premiere of Gigi’s new role as Netflix’s season 2 co-host next in fashionbut she might be a little that too comfortable.

“Hey, hey! Nobody booked you as a model,” said Gigi’s co-host. tan france Tell her she will come in and twirl on the catwalk. “You have real work to do.”

The supermodel countered, “My main job?!”

later queer eye The stars take Gigi’s hand and guide her next in fashion In the workroom, Tan tells her, “You’re not here just to look gorgeous.”

The teaser also shows another scene of Gigi posing in a bright red ensemble on the runway.

“Tunny?” she pleads. “I need help getting down from here.”

You can take a girl out of the supermodel world, but you can’t take a girl out of the supermodel world.

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