Grace Closet gives away free clothing in downtown Worcester

Worcester, Massachusetts – One day when the temperature dropped to near freezing, the Grace Closet in Worcester was ready to distribute the necessary amount of clothing to help visitors prepare for the elements. It’s another part of their efforts to help the homeless.

What you need to know

  • According to CMHA, Worcester’s homeless population increased from November 2021 to November 2022.
  • CMHA reports that about 600 people in the city are experiencing some form of homelessness this fall.
  • To keep people warm this winter, Grace Closet, operated by Net of Compassion, is helping deliver clothes to those in need.

“I hope they have a home to come back to, and I’m trying to find a place to stay warm,” said Elizabeth Gonzalez of Net of Compassion.

Grace Closet is powered by the non-profit Net of Compassion. Once a week, anyone can stop by and pick out clothes for themselves and their families.

“We met more people,” Gonzalez said. “More people are coming in.”

The demand is increasing because more people are going out in the cold this winter. At the city’s Human Rights Commission meeting on Monday, the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance presented data showing that about 600 adults will be homeless as of November 2022. Nearly half of these adults were unprotected.

This is regarding data from the Worcester City Council that addressed the issue on Tuesday night.

“We know we need services, we need resources, we know we need additional housing,” said General Councilor Christian King.

District 4 MP Saray Rivera also expressed concern about the homelessness issue, urging parts of the city not to become saturated or overloaded with the task of housing the homeless. The city said it should look into it.

“I think we need to go back to the table and look at how we’re doing this shelter system and the space as a whole. We need to start thinking about how we own this. We are responsible,” Rivera said at the conference.

The number of homeless adults in the city has increased from the previous year. Until those numbers go down, it’s important for Gonzalez to offer a helping hand. Because she knows what it’s like.

“We’ve been in that position before, so we know what it’s like to be in that position,” Gonzalez said. We all need help.”

Gonzalez said he is always in need of donations, especially hats, gloves and mittens, especially during this colder weather. If someone has extra clothes they’d like to donate, you can visit her website at Net of Compassion and set a drop-off time.

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