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A jewel of Paris: Lou Doillon was easy to spot at the Ritz in Paris on Tuesday night. Hortus Deliciarum High Her jewelry Attending a lavish dinner hosted by Gucci in honor of her collection, the singer and actress wore her wide-brimmed two-tone hat over her pantsuit and crowded. Cocktails looked across her party.

She described her look, decked out in rist ruffs and strawberry-shaped handbags, as a mix of Elizabeth I, Jade Jagger, Right Bank Parisian chic and magician soup.

Doillon said he is working on a new album and is preparing a recent Paris exhibition of drawings. All self-portraits of her, but without her face.

“I call them visions from above. It’s a weird thing to paint your body from your perspective,” she explained. I did it throughout my pregnancy about weird changes and ended the whole story with breastfeeding.”

Gucci’s Diane Kruger and Sienna Miller.

Getty Images for Gucci

Sienna Miller was easy to spot as all the sparkling diamonds from the three necklaces in the Hortus Deliciarum collection filled the V-neckline of her cobweb-like dress.

“More is more,” declared the British actress.

In November, filming wrapped on Horizon, the first of four Kevin Costner films about the Civil War.

“Actually, my favorite costume is underwear. If I could only wear a corset and long johns and a small blouse, I would.” She mused as she mentioned starting work on the second chapter of a serious western.

Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri welcomed Carla Bruni, Tina Kunakey, Diane Kruger, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and more to the party, which culminated in a sumptuous dinner in the Golden Room. rice field. Scheduled to reopen within the year. — Miles Socha

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 24: Tina Kunakey and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley celebrate the Gucci High Jewelery Collection at Hotel Ritz on January 24, 2023 in Paris, France Attend a private dinner. (Photo by Jacopo M. Raule/Getty Images for Gucci)

Tina Kunakey and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the Gucci Couture Week party in Paris.

Getty Images for Gucci

Oscar Baz: Giorgio Armani was the draw, but a small gold statue named Oscar was the man of the moment.

The front row at Tuesday night’s Armani Privé show was about morning’s Oscar nominations. Among the guests were ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ star Michelle Yeoh, ‘Elvis’ director Buzz Rahman, and her costume designer Catherine Martin.

Yeo received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, her films received a total of 11 nominations, Rahman was nominated for Best Director, Martin was nominated for Best Costume Designer, and the biopic received a total of eight nominations. rice field.

“There was a little shouting and we danced a little bit,” Rahman said. “I think he passed out,” he joked about Best Actor-nominated star Austin Butler in Los Angeles.

Rahman said it was an early present for Martin’s birthday and 25th wedding anniversary. Both are celebrated on Thursdays.

Michelle Yeoh and Baz Luhrmann

Michelle Yeoh and Baz Luhrmann

Stéphane Fougère/WWD

“We’re a team, so it’s really great. We’re very supportive. And it’s a great win for that,” Martin said. I took a photo.

Haute couture regular Yeo told WWD when they wrapped the film last year. “Actually I did a movie too, and I wonder what it is,” she said at the time, calling directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert “evil” for their multi-faceted storytelling. A year later, it took on a special meaning.

“Imagine that we’ve been promoting a movie for over a year now. But when you have something so precious and people have something that they can relate to, it’s so precious.” am.

“People come to you and say, ‘You healed our relationship. I’m talking to my daughter again. I’m talking to my husband. We’re just making a movie.’ Instead, I want to change the world a little bit and hopefully make it a better place.”

‘Emily in Paris’ actor Lucas Bravo has revealed he’s about to announce his first lead role, but declined to share any details. It will be a big step for the star who has become.

Even though the Netflix hit has aired for three seasons, he joked that it hasn’t affected his personal life. I’m still trying to find out what is,” he said, adding that he admires Armani for its classic and timeless style.

Juliette Binoche was also in the front row, alongside the cold Carla Bruni, who had to curl up in a guard’s coat inside the chilly venue. It was hard to guess if stylist Law Roach had his eye on some dresses.He remained a mystery behind his sunglasses.

Binoche talked about the outfit for her upcoming role as Coco Chanel on Apple TV’s “The New Look.”

“You’ll never put in something that looks good on you because what you’re choosing has to be relevant on the inside, but it tells a story,” she said.

Armani showcased an extensive collection of red carpet looks, with sequins, pastel harlequin patterns, fascinators and face nets allied with Old Hollywood glamor. — Rhonda Richford

Let there be light: The fashion world has been eyeing Clara Duggin for some time, but with her innovative designs that combine technology, esotericism and couture, she may be the all-seeing eye.

She sold out for her presentation at Maison Baccarat on Tuesday night. Choreographer Mariana is combined with elements of performance thanks to her Benenge and models, including Montenegrin singers, but it’s the first time that art resembles a runway showcase more than her installation. bottom. Eurovision costume, Vladana, created by Duggin last year.

Custom work for artists and performers is a growing field for tech-savvy designers.

Her collection draws on figures from the Tarot deck of Marseille, characters such as the Empress, Star and Death, dressed in elaborate pieces with thousands of integrated LEDs and fiber optics, from shimmering leaves to pulsing neon piping. and shows the breadth of her creativity.

Clara Duggin’s Baccarat Dress. Courtesy of Clara Duggin

The most challenging, she said, was a leather minidress embroidered with 300 sparkling Baccarat crystals and chandelier-like metal branches, a venue she has already collaborated on for the 180th anniversary in late 2021. And it was the final look that paid homage to the brand. The Harcourt glass. — Alex Wynn

New look: Bottega Veneta has reopened its 3,350-square-foot boutique in Dallas North Park. The shop offers men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes and leather goods.

The Dallas store was designed and developed around a palette of materials and colors inspired by the Veneto region. The place features handcrafted Palazzo Morelli terracotta tiles, finished with colored glazes intended to give the 17th-century material a contemporary flair, then dry-cured and sealed with a thick coat of resin. .

Bottega for sale at Dallas NorthPark.

The redesigned Bottega Veneta store in Dallas North Park.

courtesy shot.

The door handles are hand-forged brass, a nod to the sardine bag handles designed by creative director Matthew Blasey, who took over the role in November 2021 after Daniel Lee left the company.

Color plays an important role in the store’s design, with Cassina chairs in Cobb Bottega Veneta leather and plush merino wool carpets. A deep-pile, hand-tufted rug that’s herbal dyed to match the colors of Bottega Veneta’s permanent collection.

Although there was a temporary store, it was closed for four months during construction.

Founded as an artisan collective in 1966, the Italian brand opened its first store on New York’s Madison Avenue in 1972.At the time, the brand had a unique leather weave and “enough with your own initials.” — Lisa Lockwood

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