Here’s fitness fashion to get out of bed for… Fabulously feel-good gym gear

On those bleak winter mornings, especially after a month of mocking mince pies, it takes a lot to lure me to the gym at 6am.

However, I always attend a weight training class every Monday. My Sweaty Betty leggings will make your thighs look slimmer (despite all the pastries) and won’t sway an inch even during her godforsaken burpee sessions.

The Nike vest wicks sweat efficiently, and the fleece hoodie (Sweetie Betty again) has thumbholes to keep your hands warm while you’re on the move. Activewear has come a long way. More comprehensive sizing, new indie brands and technological advances in fabrics improve performance, fit and feel.

The latter is more important than you might think when it comes to finding motivation to exercise.

Fleece £157, leggings £30, Trainer, £27.99,

Psychologist Katherine Harrisy says: This can give you the boost you need after Christmas overindulgence. Case in point: Lululemon yoga leggings. The brand’s bespoke fabric, he’s made with Nulu and is lightweight yet has compression, 4-way stretch, and a lining that keeps everything in place. Yes, it’s expensive, but my current pair has endured sun salutations for 10 years.

Unitard, £24.99,, Top, £75, americanvintage, Trainer, £118,

Unitard, £24.99,; Top, £75,; Trainer, £118,

Jacket, £249,; sports bra, £11.60, leggings, £15.60, Trainers, £90,; Jewelry, from £39,

Top, 33 lbs, sweaty £56.10 for shorts, £80 for trainers, Socks, £14,

Left: Jacket, £249, sports bra, £11.60; leggings, £15.60,; trainers, £90,; jewelry, from £39, Right: Top, 33 pounds, sweaty £56.10 for shorts, £80 for trainers, Socks, £14,

Asquith’s camouflage print leggings also caught my eye. Made from soft, sustainable bamboo, it also features the all-important his 4-way stretch. And no, it’s not legally required to pair it with a crop top.

Come to think of it, look at this color! Vibrant colors lift your mood and help you stand out and stay safe while running or cycling.

Jacket, £65, Outnet. Com; leggings, £70,; trainers, £95, hats, £25,

Jacket, £65, Outnet. Com; leggings, £70,; trainers, £95, hats, £25,

Sports bra, 40 lbs, Jumper, £24.50,; Leggings, £64,; Socks, £9.99,; Trainers, £35,

Sports bra, 40 lbs, Jumper, £24.50,; Leggings, £64,; Socks, £9.99,; Trainers, £35,

Jumper, £129, Leggings, £42, uk.gymplus; Trainers, £99.99,

Jumper, £129, Leggings, £42, uk.gymplus; Trainers, £99.99,

My top tip is to lay out your sleek new gym kit before bed and put it on the moment you wake up. That way, you’re more likely to exercise before the day gets in the way. No excuses.

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“Truly Super Soft”: The new Sweat Betty Super Soft Leggings are the brand’s softest leggings ever, designed to lift your butt and lengthen your legs.

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