Here’s how Mitesh Narigara became a fashion model for Valiant! | News

28-year-old fashion model Mitesh Narigara from Rajula has become a brand ambassador for Valiant in the Amreli district of Gujarat. Famous sports brand Valiant by Valiant Sports Private Limited

Valiant is a very popular sports brand in India, with many international cricketers and Bollywood celebrities wearing Valiant branded clothing. Valiant is available worldwide, especially in Asia, Africa and Europe, also known as valiantworldwide. Valiant is currently available in the amreli district of Gujarat. Mitesh Narigara basically hails from Dungar village in Rajula, Amreli and is also one of his creators of popular fashions in the city. He plans to promote his Valiant on his Amreli.

Mitesh Narigara is known as a famous fashion model because he has been tagged with the best fit model associated with his personality. Mitesh also emphasizes living a healthy, drug-, alcohol-, and nicotine-free lifestyle. Not only do they destroy the body from the inside out, they also interfere with the endurance needed to build it. Mitesh emphasizes including green leafy vegetables such as spinach and citrus in your diet. He aims to grow as a notable fashion model in the Indian modeling industry in the coming days.

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