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The world of anime and manga comes to life at the Anime Los Angeles Convention in Long Beach.

The January 5-8 convention will draw up to 15,000 fans over the weekend, featuring artists, writers, vendors, fashion shows, music and, of course, plenty of cosplay.

“It’s four days packed with great events and activities,” said Alec Orok, chairman of the event, which began 18 years ago and moved several locations before debuting in Long Beach last year.

Here are five things anime fans can expect to see or do at the annual convention.

dance off

The first day of the event will feature the Twilight Gala, a formal dance held in the Seaside Ballroom on Thursday, January 5th from 7pm to 11pm. Some dance awards are given to those with the right skills, but a suit or fancy her dress is highly recommended because of her code of dress. Cosplay costumes are also welcome, but dressing up is required, so expect to see some fancy anime characters on this occasion.

“Think of it like a prom at a convention,” Orrock advised.

masquerade contest

Cosplayers compete in skits and showcase their costumes at a convention masquerade ball. The skits range from one to three minutes in length and consist of dramatic performances and comedy of his routines.

“A lot of people from all over the country and all over the world come to compete. It’s really a top-level event,” said Orrock.

It will take place on the main stage at 7pm on Saturday, January 7th.

cosplay chess

Cosplayers will act as chess pieces in this oversized chess match on Friday, January 6th at 2pm.

“It’s very popular. We’ve been doing this at events for years,” added Orrock.

karaoke time

Grab a mic and sing a little anime heart on the karaoke stage. Open Mic Nights are held every night from 9:00 PM Thursday through Saturday and 2:00 PM Sunday. There will also be a karaoke competition during his first three days of the convention, with the winner announced on Sunday.

And for those who really love karaoke, there are workshops on Thursday and Friday nights that will show you how to set up a stage at home, as well as vocal training techniques to improve your singing.

read and reflect

True fans will want to take the time to read their favorite graphic novels and check out the issues they want to buy from dozens of vendors.Those folks can head to the Manga Lounge, a quiet library area stocked with manga and anime books where guests can check out and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the convention. I am

Vibrant Los Angeles Games

when: Open daily from 5-8 January at 9am

where: Long Beach Convention Center, 300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach

cost: Weekend pass $95. Day passes from $35 to $55 at

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