How Covid pandemic has shaken up office fashion for good

The way people work has changed tremendously since the Covid pandemic.

From working from home all the time to hybrid jobs where people share their time between the office and home, many people’s daily lives have changed significantly.

One thing that has changed in the world of work is what people wear.

There seems to be more variation in clothing than in the past, and workplace fashion tends to be more casual than it was a few years ago.

The days when men wore suits and ties and women wore dark trousers or skirt suits, or black trousers with shirts and cardigans, seem to be less common.

Diversity in the workwear section is evident once you enter the store, to say the least.

The problem is, as a 35-year-old mother of two, I have a hard time deciding what’s fashionable.

All my clothes are over 10 years old and I wear traditional black trousers, skirts, simple jumpers and cardigans.

I also wear a lot of my mother’s old clothes.

One of the reasons I have the same old wardrobe is because I don’t like shopping and trying on clothes. We spend a lot of money on new clothes all the time. This is partly to protect the environment and partly to save cash.

Also, I’m way too old and unfashionable for certain brands and websites, including Topshop, so I don’t know which shops sell clothes that fit me. Zara, ASOS, Shane, Vinted, Depop.

I realize I may not see it as current, and an article on the Daily Mail website describes some people wearing old-fashioned black trousers, striped shirts, and ballet pumps. It reported that it judged a female worker wearing a kimono.

We know there’s a wardrobe upgrade coming, but fashion will always remain a mystery.

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