How I Fell In Love With Nordstrom, Courtesy of Stylist Becky Akinyode

Becky Akiyode is an unofficial ambassador for Nordstrom. New York Fashion Her plate, like the back of her hand, knows department stores, New York’s relatively new institution that opened in 2019. Today Corina, her Strada and Nguyen client stylist, took me to her retail hub in Columbus Circle.I believe she will show her way: Akiyode, recently voted trend‘s Best Dressed 2021 knows Nordstrom well. She comes here all the time to photograph herself, her friends and her family. This time she’ll be giving me a tour of her third floor as well as scanning her next year’s work and vacation looks.

When I finally met Akinyod at Nordstrom, I was hanging out on the third floor, surrounded by black puffer-wearing shoppers and nice little beanie-wearing tourists. Brands such as Collina Strada and Vachera all seem far from a scrambled life. But Aquinhod arrives and her appearance throws my world off the axis. She’s like a shining fashion her beacon in a big shiny blue Dries Van her knotten her puffer her coat that reminds of shiny Christmas ornaments. She’s her third floor fashion her siren.

All Akiyode experiences are full circle. Nordstrom was her introduction to fashion. The stylist grew up in Maryland and the closest stylist was in Washington DC.Akihide was no child shopper going to department stores with her wealthy mother, but she of That. Nordstrom Her Fashion A sign on her board caught her eye and she bit. “Basically, the purpose of the fashion board was to get kids interested in fashion,” she says Akiyode. “they [Nordstrom specialists] Came for the weekend and learned about different parts of the department store, including merchandising, purchasing, and the people who did the windows and displays.

As we tour the racks of Colina Strada, the label she styles, Aquinhode reveals more about how fashion played a role in her childhood. “I was obsessed with magazines. I cut them out and put all the images I liked in them,” she says. “I liked all kinds of things, so when I dress, I think about the different people I want to be.” There are various things such as wearing and looking sad. Also, when you have cramps, you’ll “wear very bright clothes.” For Akinyode, dressing has become as colorful a hit of dopamine as a cocoon.

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