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DeAngelicTouchStylist, Nigeria’s top celebrity stylist, shares how he calculated his cloth size for enthusiastic American singer Jonathan Lyndale Kirk aka DaBaby.

DeAngelic Touch Stylist

DeAngelicTouchStylist, whose real name is John Joseph Angel, but is commonly known under his brand name, was hired by DaBaby for a video shoot with Nigerian sensational singer and current rave Davido. She said she had already organized her clothing line even before they met physically. .

DeAngelicTouchStylist met DaBaby when he went to Lagos to meet host Davido, but what he went through to accomplish his task of styling DaBaby and Davido’s musical collaboration was a test of experience. bottom.

According to him, “This project is very special and I am very happy with how it came out. I wasn’t sure if I would.

“I sent in my styling references on Sunday afternoon and they were approved by Sunday night.

Further recounting his experience, he said: Of course, I already had David’s size, so I went to DaNaby’s social media pages and saw all his pics on Instagram.

“At that point, I even noticed he was wearing a lot of hats.

“Tuesday came and we went straight to the location in Lagos Island. There was no time for fittings. Lagos Island was very busy. Probably one of the most stressful street shoots I have done in a long time am.

On the second day of shooting, while the set-up was in progress, I immediately went to DaBaby’s hotel for a look fitting and everything was captured beautifully and accurately. He loved all the outfits, didn’t make any modifications and was ready to shoot,” he said DeAngelicTouchStylist.

DeAngelicTouchStylist has gained local and international acclaim as Nigeria’s acclaimed celebrity stylist, and said the stunt with DaBaby added to his experience, and today he outperforms his industry competitors. He also said that he was satisfied with the high evaluation.

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