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Paris As the Institut Français de la Mode continues its path to becoming ‘the best fashion school in the world’, its Executive Director, Sylvie Ebel, has put up a good fight for more than 30 years.

On Thursday, the education executive received France’s highest honor, the Legion d’Honneur, in a ceremony on the school’s campus.

Sidney Toledano, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the LVMH Fashion Group and President of Chambres Syndical de la Haute Couture, awarded Ebel with the rank of Chevalier (or Knight).

The fashion executive, who was elected this year as president of the Paris-based fashion school, has repeatedly praised Ebel’s “involvement, loyalty, steadfastness and discretion,” adding, “The calmness she spread throughout the school and the sense of being listened to. There is.”

A graduate of the prestigious HEC Business School in France, Ebel started his career in 1981 at Printemps department store as a fashion buyer, private label and lingerie designer.

Toledano said the position was a “disruptive choice” at a time when business schools didn’t prepare for such a specialized track, and found him in an “irrational and more emotional world.” I remembered

A chance meeting with another HEC graduate, Pascal Morin, Executive President of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (then general manager of the IFM), prompted her to arrive at the school in 1992. She became secretary-general in 1993, a tenure of several years that saw her lead the entire education sector.

After the 1999 merger of the IFM and the Center Textile de Conjoncture et d’Observation Economique, an institution dedicated to research on the production, consumption and trade of the textile industry, Ebel was appointed deputy director of the resulting school. I was.

She was also instrumental in the later fusion of IFM and Ecole de la Chambre Sandicale, said Toledano, and her work in the construction of the Cité de la Mode et du Design campus. Emphasized role. Seine.

“As an engineer, I love building stores and buildings. When I heard about this campus project, I asked where the plans were, so [Ebel]Toledano recalled being impressed by her “rigor and sense of detail” when he saw the plans.

Working under three general managers was not a testament to Ebel’s adaptability, but “intelligence, rigor, compassion and, above all, her personal qualities of competence and knowledge of IFM.” did.

“This story speaks to the many emotional connections made by and thanks to IFM that go well beyond professional acquaintances. [you all] who came [to the ceremony]’ said Ebel, looking at a wide variety of people, including fashion industry executives, industry friends, higher education executives, and family members.

He calls the school “a one-of-a-kind company with an atmosphere and a certain spirit”. [person] It contributes in a unique way,” she expressed her satisfaction that the school has been recognized by the French government as an Open Private Higher Education Institution (or EESPIG).

Beyond her personal achievements, Ebel pays special tribute to the women of IFM, calling them “the backbone of the home, its pillars that have been there since its inception or have arrived over the years. ‘ he called.

“I am honored to represent them tonight, and I am pleased that through me, their meaning, resilience and extraordinary loyalty are underscored.”

Ebel was one of the 2019 Légion d’honneur New Year’s Hall of Fame inductees, published every New Year’s Day by the French Journal Officiel, known as the general manager of a fashion tertiary institution with a 40-year career. .

France’s highest honor, the Legion of Honor, was established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 to recognize civil and military achievements.Its order counts nearly 92,000 members who have received awards for “outstanding achievement in service” [French] nation. “

Toledano was named a Knight of the Legion of Honor in 2005.

There are five levels of distinction, from Chevalier to Grand Croix (Grand Cross). Only French citizens are awarded the medal, but foreigners can be honored if they have rendered cultural or economic services to France or supported causes such as human rights or humanitarian action.

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