In “Harry & Meghan” Fashion, Meghan Markle’s “Power Casual” Style

when Meghan Markle When she first became a minor celebrity on the show Suits, she wore the buttoned-up wardrobe of a young lawyer: pencil skirts, strict button-ups, and yes, suits.Then when she reached the unimaginable heights of her worldwide fame prince harryWith an upright posture like a yoga teacher’s daughter and a seemingly endless supply of camel wrap coats, she’s been relentlessly dressed in public until recently.

However, in the six-part series Harry & Meghan, the number two show is currently netflix In the United States, the Duchess of Sussex represents a cozier, quieter, more intimate style. In the Confession Style portion of the series, Ms. Markle comes to life as her Meyers character, Nancy, wearing haute hygge, layering her knits, silks, and understated gold with her jewelery and her hair wrapped around her face. It is styled with a soft wave. In the context of a docustyle show, where the desire for more privacy is the overriding theme, these are plain clothes yet convey a message to the masses.

Markle’s message seems to be: I have a chicken and I also have his gold Cartier watch.

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