Indi Hartwell defeated by promising star in a questionable fashion

NXT star Tiffany Stratton scored a surprise win over Indy Hartwell in the latest episode of the development brand.

Tiffany Stratton recently returned to NXT and insulted the women’s locker room.Indy Hartwell reacted to her jibe, leading to a fierce rivalry between the two women.Stratton has past numbers He has been missing for months, and his last match before tonight was lost to Wendy Chu on the August 23, 2022 episode of the show.

Showing a recent comeback in her personality, Hartwell showed her aggressive side again tonight by attacking Tiffany Stratton before the match started.

Stratton was particularly impressive as she was able to keep control throughout the match.

She faked a knee injury and attacked Hartwell while he was distracted. Tiffany then hit a moonsault to score the win.

This was certainly an impressive win for Tiffany Stratton, as Indy Hartwell has been gaining momentum in recent weeks. Fans will have to see if the two women continue their rivalry in the coming weeks.

What did you get from this match? Make a sound in the comments section below.

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