‘Invisible Beauty’ Review: Lively Documentary Honors Bethann Hardison, Mother of Black Fashion

Progress in the face of systemic injustice does not occur spontaneously, but is driven by sheer willpower. In the case of racism in the fashion industry, that person is Bethan Hardison. A pioneering model in the 1970s, she became one of the most important agents of the 90s, the first male supermodel she discovered Tyson Beckford, Naomi Campbell and Iman. instructed. When whimsical tendencies threatened to undermine all of her endeavors in the 2000s, she boldly invoked the industry’s overtly racist casting practices and caused a dramatic shift.

and her method can be learned thanks to the fascinating new documentary Invisible Beauty.

Hardison co-writers and directs with prolific fashion documentary writer Frederick Cheng. Their presentation is fairly traditional, but with so much information to offer, a simple approach feels like a good fit.maybe

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