Irina Shayk Defends Kylie Jenner’s Lion Head Dress: Details 

talk. Irina Shayk She spoke out in defense of Schiaparelli after she was criticized for designing a dress with a lifelike lion’s head.

The French fashion house made headlines on Monday, January 23rd. kylie jenner I attended the label’s Spring/Summer 2023 show during Haute Couture Fashion Week in a floor-length black outfit outfitted with a feral cat replica. Shayk, 37, unveiled another version of the gown on the runway when Jenner sat front row.

“I support these amazing artists who worked tirelessly by hand with wool, silk and foam to sculpt this embroidered lion,” Sheikh wrote on Instagram late Monday, adding that the work He added that it was an “image of pride.”

Kylie Jenner at the Schiaparelli show during Haute Couture Fashion Week in January 2023. David Fisher/Shutterstock

“Images @Schiaparelli evokes as she explores themes of strength. Daniel Rosebery.

In addition to the caption, the Russian native shared a carousel of images of her in the numbers, a sketch, and a photo of a craftsman taking her measurements.

Jenner, 25, also praised the ensemble. Posted on Instagram, “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.” “Thank you @DanielRoseberry and @Schiaparelli for a special morning. Wow I loved wearing this faux art piece handcrafted with man-made materials. Beautiful. Beautiful.”

Through its official Instagram account, the luxury brand claimed that “no animals were harmed to create this look.” I explained that it was.

Still, many found the portrayal offensive. “So sad. Even if they were completely fake, the message behind it would cause a lot of unruly hunting.”The whole concept of this is repulsive. Whether real or replicas, they encourage trophy hunting, which is decidedly offensive, violent and unprogressive. It is written.

Naomi Campbellalso walked the show, and was seen strutting in a black coat finished with a wolf’s head on her shoulder.

Rosebery further explained the concept, trend Inspired by Dante Alighieri and on Monday Divine Comedy — Poems divided into three books: Inferno, purgatoryWhen ParadisoThe designer was moved by a particular passage in which “leopard, lion and she-wolf” represent “desire, pride and greed.”

He added that he wanted to respect nature’s ability to protect “the woman who wears it.”

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