J-Hope Is Now The MVP Of Fashion Week

When the world learned that BTS would be going on hiatus in the summer of 2022, a debate raged on Twitter about what each of the seven members would do next. For that part trend He suggested that it’s entirely possible that J-Hope, also known as Hobi, has his sights set on conquering the fashion industry. I’m wearing the most experimental fit of all,” journalist Taylor Glasby wrote in June. “His influence has grown so much that Etsy has a bank of creators and sellers listed on ‘Hobbycore.’ It will be a collaboration with a rising brand that complements the futuristic taste of

Arrive at Hermès.

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With this month’s look at its menswear collection in Paris, Hobi proves it’s on track to penetrate the upper echelons of the industry. At its first outing on Jan. 19, the “More” musician wore an abstract suede patch to see the Maison’s collaboration of guest designer Colm Dillane, stylist Ibrahim Kamara and film director Michel Gondry. Showed up at Louis Vuitton in a work look, causing a frenzy in the process.. (J-Hope’s printed variations of the jacket and pants later appeared on LV runways, making him one of the first to wear them.) As a group, BTS has a long-standing relationship with Louis Vuitton and won a Grammy Award in 2022 for wearing the brand, but Hobi’s solo appearance is a high fashion statement himself. He solidified his position as a poster boy for .

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