Jennifer Lawrence Swaps Her Divisive Flats For a Supermodel-Approved Trainer

Jennifer Lawrence is famous for being a fan of flats such as Mary Janes, ballet pumps, Uggs, or her most worn pair, The Row’s Ozzy Slippers. The most anti-heel influencer stepped out wearing pistachio Nike sneakers that matched the shade of her The Row Bourse bag.

The understated outfit, in which the Oscar-winner is wrapped in a burgundy robe-style coat, exemplifies Jennifer’s approach to everyday style. Comfort is always important. She doubles down on luxe basics like easy T-shirt, great jeans, and tight-fitting knits to stealthy wealth shoes and bags (mostly by the Olsen sisters’ label, The Row). Add sophistication.

Fashion fans know Jennifer’s flats are more than just one Any Flat, and her trainers, have always had an insider’s fascination, too. A favorite of the new generation of supermodels.

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