Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN is sleek as ever at Paris Fashion Week

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan is a shocker, but he took it to another level while in Paris.

Invited by Saint Laurent to Paris Fashion Week, Jeonghan continues to share his cool, sophisticated and fashionable looks on Instagram while in the City of Love.

Aside from Jeonghan’s insane visuals, what made his photography even more eye-popping were the interiors of the magnificent palace of Versailles, the grounds of the Louvre, and the characteristic Parisian street scenes from Montemarte. is a wonderful view of

Jenna Ortega and Lauren join Jeonghan on the French fashion house’s guest list.

SEVENTEEN also consists of The8, S.Coups, DK, Mingyu, Vernon, Seungkwan, Woozi, Hoshi, Jun, Joshua, Dino, and Wonwoo.

Their last visit to the Philippines was for “Be the Sun” in December.

Enjoy Paris, Jeonghan. We’re watching more of your looks! — LA, GMA Integration News

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