Joanna Lumley claims women being a victim is ‘new fashion’

Dame Joanna Lumley claims women were tougher in her time, says the world has ‘goed crazy’ (Photo: Getty Images)

Mrs. Joanna Lumley has spoken out about the #MeToo movement, claiming that it’s now fashionable for women to be “victims.”

The 76-year-old former Bond girl claims in a new interview that women used to be “tough” and didn’t suffer from catcalls, and that in her view the world has gone “crazy.”

Five years ago, when details of Harvey Weinstein’s repeated sexual harassment of a young female actor began to emerge, women around the world came forward with their stories and the #MeToo movement began.

But while this was seen by many as positive because it allowed women to share their experiences of sexual harassment and brought the conversation firmly into the mainstream, Dame Joanna takes a different view. It seems that

In an interview with Prospect, Dame Joanna was asked about the #MeToo movement and replied that women were tougher back then.

“It didn’t matter if someone whistled at you in the street,” she said.

Joanna Lumley

Former Bond girl Dame Joanna says men just clap their hands when they touch them, and that today’s women are “victims” because it’s the “new fashion”.

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Actress says the world has gone ‘crazy’ (Photo: Getty Images)

“If anyone was fumbling, we slapped their hands. We were pretty tough and took care of ourselves.

She continued, “The new fashion is to be a victim, a victim of something.

Dame Joanna also reflected on the early days of her career when she rose to fame through her role in the New Avengers series in the ’70s.

And while she said being famous “changed my life,” she admitted that she sometimes struggled with losing her privacy.

Fans would stop her on the street and replying to a ton of fan mail “could be hell.” She said she felt she had to “try to pretend” to love everything about it.

And decades later, she still pretends she “absolutely loves” taking selfies with her fans.

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Lumley previously said it was unlikely that Absolutely Fabulous would return because the world had become so “strict” (Photo: Getty Images)

“But you go insane,” added Mrs. Joanna. “They are so annoying.”

Dame Joanna previously claimed in Metro’s Sixty Seconds that Absolutely Fabulous are unlikely to return because “people are so tough right now.”

Given Edina’s gruesome worldview, her gruesome snobbery and racism, their drug use, heavy drinking, Patsy’s chain smoking, and the fact that they have stray cat morals, It would be impossible to make that series now,’ she said.

We were laughing at those things, so it was funny.

“I never heard of that crap, but I couldn’t let it go now. The world has changed.”

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