Joe Malaika brings bright, vibrant fashions to Boston

Lynn – Uganda-born, Boston-based 36-year-old Joe Malaika has a vibrant and sophisticated style, offering vibrant dresses, always with his signature black sequin band.

“My family is here and a lot of my clients are here. I think Boston has a great reputation in the fashion world. People just don’t know where to find clothes.” Boston home. “I’ve found that people here who are really into fashion have their own place to go. It’s kind of our job as designers to change that.”

In Lin’s workshop, Malaika says she learned to sew from her grandmother. But it was at Bentley, where he studied marketing, that he designed dresses to impress girls. His name quickly went viral when she posted on her media social.

Joe Malaika in Lynn’s workroom.

CBS Boston

“Color is really about me. Clothing today is kind of like social media. Everyone wants to show what they’re wearing on social media. Color really comes out. represents.”

Malaika said she wants to visit as many shops as possible. “Many people look up to me and I want to share my talent, my grandmother’s legacy,” she said.

Several times a year he puts on an “excessive fashion” show to raise money for Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber. He was recognized by the Commonwealth for giving back.

Joe Malaika designer
Outfit designed by Joe Malaika.

CBS Boston

In January, Boston’s past and present came together when Malaika was invited to design “The Velvet Party” at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

“What I love about this concept and this place is that even 100 years after Gardner’s death, there are still creative people using it as a platform and reinterpreting things to honor her legacy. New to Boston itself – it’s going to be a part of this. Absolutely,” said Diana Greenwald, museum curator.

“Isabella was all about color, so I felt like I was able to bring out all that Isabella Stewart Gardner has to offer,” Malaika said. , check out Joe Malaika!”

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