Jordyn Woods just gave the classiest response to backlash over her ‘cheap’…

Jan 30, 2023 12:56

Jordan responded to criticism that his apparel brand was selling expensive items that “felt cheap.”

Jordyn Woods has responded to the backlash after her new clothing line was accused of poor quality despite high prices.

Her latest business venture is Woods By Jordyn, a clothing brand that launched earlier this month, but TikTok reviews started pouring in, slamming its personality after they felt the clothes were “cheesy.” .

One TikToker, Stella Williams, posted a review of the poor quality of the $120 dress Jordyn purchased. However, Jordyn responded with a round of applause in a TikTok response video.

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Jordyn's latest business venture is a clothing company.

Jordyn’s latest business venture is a clothing company.

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“I really have to now… it’s so bad, I just unfollowed the brand,” Stella said. Never spend a dollar.”

Stella bought all three dresses available on the site for a whopping $400. These are all long mesh bodycon pieces.

She continued: […] This stuff feels so cheap. It literally feels like Shein’s clearance section. [It’s like they said]”Hey, let’s do some labeling with Woods By Jordyn.”

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Stella then concluded by saying, “I was offended” after paying for the clothing material.

Jordyn responded to Stella on TikTok, praising how “amazing” and “amazing” she looked in the dress.

She then thanked Stella for bringing this issue to her attention and giving her the opportunity to listen to her feedback and find ways to improve.

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Jordyn then asked fans for their candid opinions on her new clothing collection.

Jordyn then asked fans for their candid opinions on her new clothing collection.

Photo: Tik Tok

“Opinions are subjective until you feel the material.

She also defended the price, adding that “it costs a lot more money to make” if they don’t use mass production.

Jordyn addressed constructive criticism, stating, “I’d love to know which brands you think offer the quality mesh you’re looking for and how I can improve.” We can continue to grow together.”

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