Kid Cudi To Launch New Clothing Line

Kid Cudi has confirmed the launch window for his highly anticipated apparel line, Members Of The Rage (or MOTR, pronounced “Motor” for short).

Cudi first teased the brand last January. In a Twitter thread, he said it was “a long time coming” to see an apparel line based on his artwork.[g] and another dream [his]”.He promised ‘more madness, true vision’ [and] Freshness” – “ultimate denim” – and continued to peg the summer of 2021 as his first launch window.

The summer went by without the big MOTR launch, much touted by Cudi, but a series of shirts were released and sold out quickly, despite costing over £300 apiece. rice field.

Last week, Cudi took to Twitter to share details about the impending launch of his MOTR apparel line. It all started last Wednesday (December 21st) when a fan asked the rapper what he was most looking forward to in 2023. He first responded about his MOTR launch, upcoming film projects, his daughter Vada’s 13th birthday.

In a series of tweets on Thursday (December 22nd), Cudi further elaborated on MOTR’s plans, stating that the items in the line “are produced in Italy and parts of Europe” and that “the quality is A1”. I explained that there is. He also revealed that the launch would include sneakers, writing:and its rare [sic] new brand drops [with] sneakers. “

Another tweet declared that all items in the MOTR line would be unisex and “push the boundaries of fashion,” with the casual announcement that they will debut at next year’s Paris Fashion Week (January 17-26). Done. No official event has been announced yet.

Cudi said he envisions a physical MOTR store being set up in the future, putting the Chicago location “definitely” on the radar for “one day.” About his ambitions for this entire line, he said: [I’m] Finally ready to open to the world.I’ve been designing collaborations, album jackets and packages, stages, goods, etc., but now [I’m] Enter a whole new chapter. ”

Last month, the rapper confirmed that he had begun working on a follow-up to his eighth album. Enter Galactic, Arrived in September alongside the animated film of the same nameEarlier in December, he teased that the record would be sporting a collaboration with Young Thug.

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