Le Weekend: Endangered Odessa, Italy Gets Its Artifacts, Gravity-Defying Fashion

January 28-29

  • camel style fabric
  • Ukrainian leopard print
  • keep calm and turn on the guardian
  • …etc.

🎲 Weekly news quiz

What do you remember from this week’s news?

1. What angered Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the recent Stockholm protests?

2. Who was the latest US politician to have classified documents found in his home?

3. What famous place was Peru closed due to protests, leaving about 400 tourists stranded?

4. Which pop icon sold the rights to their music catalog for $200 million? Madonna / Justin Bieber / Rihanna

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Ukrainian stars, online influencers and private companies have launched a cheeky move to encourage Germany to finally supply Leopard 2 tanks to Kyiv #freetheleopards Campaign wearing leopard print clothes. This trend, which quickly gained momentum on Instagram and Facebook, continued Even after Berlin, with gratitude, agreed to hand over the tanks.

🎭 5 cultures you should know

• Return to Italy $20 million worth of US seized artifacts: 60 antiquities dating from the 7th century BC to the 1st century AD, valued at $20 million, returned to Italy from the United States. These works have been seized by American authorities over the past 14 months from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and private collections after collecting evidence that they were illegally looted from Italian sites.

• UNESCO designates Odessa as an endangered world heritage site: The historic center of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa has been added to UNESCO’s list of endangered world heritage sites “to protect the city from further destruction”. Russia criticized the UN Cultural Organization’s move as “politically motivated”.

All at once, anywhere Leading Oscar nominations: The nominees for the 95th Academy Awards were announced this week along with an absurd comedy-drama All at once, anywheresnatched 11 nominations, followed by Inishelin’s Banshee When All Quiet on the Western FrontOn the other hand, India’s RRR The title song “Naatu Naatu” is the first Indian film to be nominated for an original song category.

• World of Warcraft game goes offline for Chinese players: Millions of gamers in China suddenly have no access to the role-playing epic world of warcraft Blizzard’s games have been available domestically since 2008, following a dispute between US developer Blizzard and its local partner Netease.

• London’s Royal Opera House cuts ties with BP: The Royal Opera House has announced that it has ended its sponsorship relationship with oil giant BP for the first time in 33 years. This follows similar moves in recent years by the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Portrait Gallery to abandon funding from major fossil fuel producers. This leaves the British Museum and Science Museum stranded as two of the last major arts institutions in the UK, still receiving funding from the company.

🏠⛔ Foreign buyers targeted by government

Canada has become the latest country to impose restrictions on non-residents buying property, claiming wealthy investors from other countries could become local homeowners. But is the best way to face the troubled housing market to single out foreigners? We delve into the reasons behind this widespread phenomenon that is destined to protect the

Read full text: Reasons why more and more countries are banning real estate purchases by foreigners

👪 Things that weigh on every parent

“As a father myself, I have come to better understand the pressures my father faced. In this essay on the pressures of being a parent, Argentinian journalist Ignacio Pereira explores what virtually every parent knows, from work fatigue to lack of time and comfort to financial hardships. Delve into sensitive topics.

Read full text: Being a parent and the pressure to always do better

🐪 bright ideas

Developed by engineers from Suzhou University in China Camel hump-inspired fabric, which can be very useful for firefighters who are close to the flames.As new scientist According to reports, this is “an insulating fabric made of airgel-filled pockets, where the gel has been replaced with gas surrounded by two layers of heat-resistant plastic polymer.”

👉 Otherwise

Click here for the latest doctor! A snippet from the notes of the Neapolitan psychiatrist and author Maria Teresa Fiquere:

Newborn dies, mother’s fault

They say childbirth is the most beautiful thing in the world, and it must be so.

So beautiful that it justifies all the hardships a mother has to endure without complaining or expecting relief from pain. I have to be with you for this reason, so I’m not even allowed to rest.

So beautiful that when you fall asleep exhausted and your child tragically dies in your arms, you either don’t notice it or you can’t wake up. When you are told that you no longer have children, there are hints that you may have gone to sleep exhausted from pain and lack of sleep. some substance.

They say childbirth is the most beautiful thing in the world, and it must be so. Cursed be those who say so.

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News Quiz Answers:

1. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was outraged by images showing Danish far-right extremists burn a copy of the Quran Called it a “disgrace” outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.

2. Twelve classified documents were found in a home in Indiana. Former Vice President Mike Pencehanded over the records to the FBI.

3. The Peruvian government has closed tourist access machu picchu ruins Indefinitely “to protect tourists and citizens” as protests continue calling for the resignation of President Dina Boluarte.

4. American singer Justin Bieberreportedly sold his publishing rights and artist royalties from his song catalog to investment firm Hypnosis for $200 million.

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