Lily Collins Responds to Comparisons Between Emily & Carrie Bradshaw

Emily Cooper has become a generation-defining fashion superstar.

on netflix Emily in ParisThe third season ended on December 21st.

Emily’s (Lily Collins) costume, it’s no surprise that she’s compared to another TV style icon: sex and the cityplayed by Carrie Bradshaw of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Filling up on such big and high-heeled shoes, Lily told E EXCLUSIVELY! News that she wears the analogy as a badge of honor.

“It’s something I always embrace with complete love,” Lily said. “I love Carrie Bradshaw. I love Sarah Jessica.”

Of course, the comparison between Emily and Carrie is Darren Star create both Emily in Paris When sex and the city.

“We are both very much a fashion show and celebrate the cities in which they were filmed, Paris and New York.”

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