Local group of women provide homemade baby clothes to hospitals

PANAMA CITY, FL (WMBB) — Local women gather once a month at the Destiny Worship Center to provide handicrafts for premature and stillborn babies.

The packaging is personalized baby clothes designed for those who can’t go home. Gifts will be delivered to his two hospitals in the area. These are the HCA Florida Gulf Coast Hospital in Panama City and the Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast in Miramar Beach.

The women are part of a national organization called “Threads of Love”.

“So these items give families the opportunity to make their babies look like babies, dress them like babies, wrap them like babies. HCA Labor, and Delivery Units.

Each month, the women create a variety of packages including special clothing, blankets, burial gowns, vests, and draft dolls.

Each item is uniquely designed to fit babies of all sizes and can handle special equipment used to support babies.

A nurse at the hospital said this would help the family during an incredibly emotional time.
“Instead of having multiple opportunities to do all the things their parents dreamed of, these families are given the opportunity to do all these things at once,” Paxton said. Bathe your baby, dress him, swaddle him, read a story, sing him a lullaby, take a picture, and more. So my goal here is to facilitate as many moments as I can as a staff member. ”

“Threads of Love” chapter leader Angie Livingston said she decided to join the program after seeing her daughter go through a similar situation.

“All the clothes they had for the baby were white. “So she felt like she had a real baby there. It wasn’t in a sterile environment.”

All items that are part of a baby package are fragrance-free, sterilized and washed in cold water, and wrapped tightly with love.

Since 2019, the Threads of Love chapter in Panama City Beach has created nearly 3,000 personalized packages for local hospitals.

Panama City Beach’s Thread of Love takes place on the second Tuesday of each month from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm at the Destiny Worship Center in the Pre-K Building. Located at 13000 Panama City Beach Parkway.

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