Local organizations step up to help migrants with winter clothes as temperatures plunge

New York – Many local organizations are concerned about people’s health due to the frigid temperatures seen in recent days. immigrants arriving in new york I have very few belongings.

Various groups are trying to help.

“These people come from temperate climates, very temperate climates, so they desperately need coats,” said Mark Mayer Appel of The Bridge Muliticultural Advocacy Project.

The Bridge is one of the organizations the Mayor’s Office highlights as a drop-off point for items immigrants may need during this time.

“We need [diapers] And diaper wipes,” he said.

The group not only delivers them to shelters, but also hosts events at their facilities to help feed people and connect them to local resources.

The Bridge leaders say they are looking for warm winter clothing, especially unused hats and coats to help migrants survive the cold months.

Bill Tinglin of The Bridge said:

Grassroots groups are helping in other ways. Power Malu, executive her director of her group, a local community called Artists, Athletes and Activists, said he has helped transport hundreds of migrants a day, from port authorities to housing. increase.

“To date, we have served at least 300 stranded families who have come here for help,” Mal said.

He says people can help by paying attention to people who appear to be clearly undressed and connecting them with groups that can help.

In Brooklyn, The Bridge leaders say they were surprised at how many different communities stepped up to help.

“The Quaker, Seventh-day Adventist, Christian, and Jewish communities have sent me brand new clothes. The Haitian community is outstanding, and the Muslim community is coming around the clock.” said Appel.

The need is there, and dozens of local groups are finding ways to help in any way they can.

For more resources on local drop-off points and organizations doing this work, click here.

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