Lockly Fashions Its Sleekest, Most Minimalist Smart Lock Yet and We Love It

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CES 2023 is almost here. Here at SPY.com, we are privileged to exclusively showcase new products from companies like Lenovo, Lockly and more.

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Lockly has built a reputation for some time by creating some of the best smart locks on the market. Their Vision Elite Smart Lock was he one of the best smart locks we tested in 2022. Security solutions are more important than ever as crime becomes more of a concern for many. Lockly is at the forefront of the most useful smart home security technology.

Lockly Access Touch Pro builds on the success of Access Touch, with many new features and improvements to old ones. Not available for purchase yet, but excited to see Lockly’s latest entry into the smart home security market.

Courtesy of Rock Lee

Courtesy of Rock Lee

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What I like about the Lockly Access Touch Pro

Lockly’s goal with the Access Touch Pro is to provide the ultimate device for the convenience of smart home security. Its biometric fingerprint lock features ultra-fast response times of less than a third of a second, storage of up to 99 fingerprints, and an aesthetically pleasing small footprint.

The lock is built to integrate seamlessly into your smart home, whether it’s Alexa or Google Assistant, with features like voice control to control your devices. And with the Lockly mobile app, you can lock, unlock, and check your doors from anywhere in the world, so don’t panic if you can’t remember if you locked your doors on a plane or got stuck at work. No need to.

Courtesy of Rock Lee

Courtesy of Rock Lee

Other features of the Access Touch Pro include a long-lasting battery (~9 months), weather-resistant construction, easy installation, easy re-keying, and a family mode that syncs all Lockly smart locks. increase.

price and availability

The Access Touch Pro is an exciting release, and fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to make it available.Lockly plans to bring the Access Touch Pro to market in Spring 2023 with a retail price of $249.99.

In the meantime, check out our other favorite smart locks and stay tuned for news about Lockly and other releases ahead of CES 2023.

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