Looking for fashion gifts? SSF Shop has you covered

It’s not comfortable to go out in cold weather without a hat, scarf, or ear covers.

Fleece hats with flaps and knitted wool beanies are perfect winter holiday gifts as they cover the top and sides of the head as well as the ears to keep you warm. A cold ear, especially the upper end, quickly causes discomfort. Standalone ear warmers can be worn with a hooded jacket or sweater, eliminating the need for a hat.

Scarves do more than just protect your throat from cold winds and freezing temperatures. Scarves are a fashion statement these days, indicating your tastes and preferences in colours, knit types and textiles.

To warm your entire head, face and neck all at once, look no further than a balaclava or ski mask. Modern breeds are more attractive than traditional breeds because they come in a variety of colors and show more of their faces.

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