Lucien Pagès of Lucien Pagès Communication analyses the evolution of the French fashion ecosystem

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Nicola Mila


January 18, 2023

In this new episode of the LuxurynsightXFashionNetwork podcast series, Lucien Pagès, founder of the Paris Press Office of an influential name in the world of fashion communication, speaks to Godfrey Deeney, Global Editor-in-Chief of (in French) I will speak to you. About his professional journey that is closely linked to the success of the designers he works with.

Pagès’ client portfolio includes names such as Jonathan Anderson and Chitose Abe, and includes the Sakai label and luxury brands such as Pucci and Max Mara. Pagès also works as a consultant for Saint Laurent. Pagès is from Viaras, a small town in the Cevennes region of France. A graduate of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne (IFM, the former name of his French fashion institute), he founded his own company, drawing on his unique flair for fashion and emerging designers.

“When I started in 2006, I wanted [my company] It’s about being a small agency, a boutique agency with a select few clients,” Pagès said. “I wanted to work with designers I admired and through public relations, I wanted to help them build their brands in their own way,” he added.

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“The agency’s first client was Adam Kimmel, a highly successful New York menswear designer. I came to see her in Paris with…she loved them and his label was a big hit,” he said.

Lucien Pagès Communications (LPC) had a close relationship with Kimmel early on. Kimmel for years.

He began representing “labels created by friends and people I know” like Olympia Le-Tan. Over the years that followed, paralleling LPC’s growth, Pagès turned his attention to labels he personally appreciated, such as Simon Porte’s Jacquemus. According to Pagès, “[The Jacquemus] The show, staged among lavender fields to mark the label’s 10th anniversary, was a true milestone in fashion history. “

In this podcast, Pagès also analyzes the changes taking place in the public relations department. The web and social media play an increasingly influential role in shaping fashion advertising. Influencers and Instagram celebrities have become powerful communication tools for news organizations.

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