Many are praising Jimin’s Paris Fashion Week appearance and purchasing Dior products following news of his Global brand ambassadorship

It’s been a little over a week since then Jimin from BTS Announced as a global brand ambassador for the French luxury fashion house. DiorThe news caught the attention of fans, fashion designers and executives (Frédéric and Alexandre Arnault, Donatella Versace of Versace and Marc Jacobs). Luxury brands (Givenchy, Tiffany, and Co). journalists and the general public.

In just one day, an official post shared announcing his appointment set an unprecedented engagement record, driving the fashion house’s share price to an all-time high of €789 per share. The media spotlighted the issue, highlighting the power of global It His Boy.

Jimin’s first appearance at Paris Fashion Week for the Dior Winter Men’s show was greeted by a huge cheering crowd and a throng of reporters. Additionally, he made his topic trending on social media and his Google Trends. The media and economy media reported that his attendance was a resounding success, with Jimin’s post earning him $16.7 million in earned media value in just a few days.

With all these impressive milestones, the fans were most pleased with this new development, so let’s not forget the fans. I showed off the Dior products I purchased. Some decided to buy from Dior and ditch all other brands, while others flaunted their first purchase from the brand.

Usually there are people who want to wear and own what Jimin has. Next, they purchased items he was wearing, from cosmetics to the outfits/bags he found at the airport. there is There’s a #DiorxJimin trend on TikTok, where fans post videos of him unboxing Dior merch that Jimin bought for him. Popular Filipino YouTube personality Heart Defensor “ThatsHeart” shared a caption for his Dior products on TikTok. “Dior’s global ambassador Jimin’s photo card is no joke hahaha🥲”

On popular Korean community TheQoo, netizens also received the news favorably. Many people met Jimin at the airport leaving for Paris, but they weren’t just interested in his all-his Dior look, but his fashion week, like the outfits, visuals, and models at his events. I praised the breathtaking figure that is dazzling from the posing. Hot His category had dozens of posts about this trend, with thousands of views and comments. For example:

i am very proud of you

Jimin is so pretty.

Our Prince Dior is cool and often wears pretty clothes.

You survived the ruthless Getty.
your skin looks really good.

The Dior suit you wore today is really nice, a human Dior.

It’s crazy, the style is good, and it’s amazing that he’s popular because he’s a world-famous star.

Are there any Dior products you would like to purchase now that Jimin is a global ambassador?

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