Minority Report Built The Fashion Of The Future Out Of Three Different Worlds

Deborah L. Scott is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated costume designers, having worked on such famous films as Extraterrestrials, Back to the Future, Heat, Titanic and Wild Wild West. I came. Three “Transformers” movies and he two “Avatar” movies. In a recent interview with /Film’s own Jack Giroux, Scott discussed her approach to designing clothes for future residents and how they should be divided between class lines. In “Minority Report” the police officers appear very fascist, very brief and belligerent. And, of course, there was Cruise himself, who needed to stand outside of both character hero status and “movie star” status as an actor.

“[I]It was more of a fantasy world, but it’s also based in reality. What I did when I started designing that movie, there are three parts to society. There’s Tom Cruise, there’s authoritarians, there’s underground people. I used three of his illustrators with different styles to express this feeling organically. In the real world, Tom Cruise was sophisticated, fashion minimalist design based on artists like illustrators. So it’s a little gesticulated and very simple. ”

With the world so divided into three parts, with three illustrators assisting in the design, Scott also noted that each part of society needed to evoke a different era in the past. Cruise’s Fashion In addition to his illustrators, Scott also hired an expert on his 1940s classic Hollywood his designs and his 1960s fascist designs.

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