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The Missouri House of Representatives opened its session on Wednesday, and rather than focus on legislation for Missouri residents, the Republican-controlled House majority voted to enforce a dress code for women while leaving the rules for men’s dress code. took advantage of the opportunity to tighten the restrictions on

Republican Rep. Anne Kelly was a co-founder of a bill requiring women to wear blazers while on the floor of the House. The Democratic caucuses were quick to denounce the bill as “absurd.”

The state legislature approved a modified version of Kelly’s proposal, allowing cardigans but requiring women to cover their arms.

New restrictions enacted in law mandate arm coverings and state:

Speaking on the Missouri House floor, Democratic Rep. Rachel Proudy said: This time it’s her cover style and her interpretation of someone who doesn’t have a background in fashion. I spent her $1,200 on a suit, but was told it was inappropriate by someone who didn’t have a range, so I can’t wear it in people’s homes. ”

A previous Missouri House of Representatives rule permitted “a dress or skirt or slacks worn with a blazer or sweater and appropriate dress shoes or boots” as the dress code for female legislators.

In their response to the bill, Democrats described the new dress code restrictions as sexist. Called the mishandling and neglect of the guidelines a hypocrite.

Missouri House Rules may be brought to debate every two years at the start of the General Assembly. Women occupy less than one third of the seats in the Missouri House of Representatives. Missouri Democrats are vehemently opposed to the law, saying there was a more pressing law than what women lawmakers wear.

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